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In fact, wineries in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania as a whole are assembling steady growth in quality, quantity, and recognition and produces more than one million gallons of wine per year. On this trail, we will take the wine-enthusiasts for visiting some of the appreciated wineries and vineyards Philadelphia has to offer. Hope you’re thirsty!

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With geography, climate and growing conditions, Pennsylvania in Philadelphia continue to emerge as a key force in America’s wine industry. It is a home to over 35 wineries producing outstanding vintages valued by wine specialist and fashionable restaurants. It also offers an endless variety of wineries to choose from for your wine tasting with a Wine tour Limo service in Philadelphia. To name a few are like Black Walnut Winery, Borderland Vineyard, Flickerwood Wine Cellars, Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery, Kreutz Creek Vineyards and more. These vineyards are producing several types of wine concentrated on several blends exclusively from grapes grown locally and in its own vineyards.


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