Top Wineries to Explore By Booking a Wine Tour Limo in Philadelphia

Do you want to savor every last sip of wine without worrying about the driving and navigating on a wine tour in Philadelphia? Then make sure to book wine tour limo in Philadelphia that will increase your entertainment and ensure a luxurious transportation. The surrounding of Philadelphia area offers some of the most vibrant wineries that are within the driving distance. With a luxury limo service in Philadelphia, you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy a picturesque road of a wonderful wine tour with your friends.

Let us explore the top wineries that you will love to explore on a wine tour by booking a professional limo service in Philadelphia:

1.Cardinal Hollow Winery:


Located 30 minutes drive from Philadelphia

This place will eliminate your stereotypes thinking that all wine is made of grapes. At the Cardinal Hollow Winery, the folks produce grape-less wine with pumpkins, mangoes, jalapenos and dandelions. The main winery and Lahaska are open for enjoying wine tasting and sales for 7 days a week. For group under 6 people no appointment is needed. They are also serving beer, liquor and wine at the West Point Winery and Lahaska Tasting Room. Do not forget to taste their newly released wine with 100% pomegranate goodness.

2.Penns Woods Winery:


Located 35 minutes drive from Philadelphia

This winery offers cheese and honey pairings and also provides the perfect grounds for enjoying a picnic. At the Penns Woods Winery, you can enjoy hand picked wines by the winemakers. They produce award-winning wines (from Pennsylvania-grown grapes) that are found in restaurants throughout Philadelphia. You will love to explore this place by booking a wine tour limo in Philadelphia.

3.Crossing Vineyards and Winery:


Located 41 minutes drive from Philadelphia

This place may look like an average winery but it gives you the opportunity to enjoy wine and spirits (A Tarot Car Reading and Wine Tasting). This is a 200 year old estate where you can enjoy your favorite activity to learn about wine and have fun, buy wine and have the utmost fun with your group of friends.

4.Stone and Key Cellars:


Located 42 minutes drive from Philadelphia

This is a state-of-the-art commercial winery where you get to create your own wine. The Stone and Key Cellars offers the best grapes from renowned growing areas like California, Northern Italy and Washington and provides great wine making opportunities from its vast selection of wine kits. From crushing the grapes, bottling to designing a custom label, you will love to make your own wine at the Stone and Key Cellars. Here you can also take up a daily tour and taste the wine for free.

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