Prom Memories Are Unforgettable With Prom Party Bus Rental Philadelphia

Prom night is something every college student looks forward to every year. Consider it as a right passage where seniors and other students dance the night away in their beautiful formal dresses and suits. Prom night is simply a night to remember.

Prom is a big deal, and there is no denying that. There are several ways to make your prom night memorable. While you have already planned to get your outfit together, you also need to decide how to get to the venue in style.

Undoubtedly hiring a limousine can accommodate you and several of your friends. But what if you own a large group? Would not it be fun to arrive at the venue together with them? If you want to be in the latest trend, a Prom party bus rental Philadelphia is what you need to get you and your friends’ group at the destination.

Reasons to go with Party Bus Rental Philadelphia –

Prom night being the once in a lifetime experience, it is crucial to carefully plan everything so that everything goes on point. This includes choosing the best prom party bus rental Philadelphia. Check out some of the best reasons why you should consider a party bus rental for your prom night.

It is cost-effective: You do not need to burn your wallet when booking a prom party bus rental. You can hire the buses in hourly packages with no additional charges for gas or mileage. And since the bus carries more passengers, the rental cost even gets lower when divided among friends.

It is a safe way to travel: Safety is one of the biggest perks when renting a party bus. Bus companies in Philadelphia hire professional chauffeurs with years of experience to ensure the safety of all passengers wherever your destination.

It is more fun: Party buses are large, modified conventional vehicles that are designed for recreational purposes. Unlike a limo, which has an accommodating capacity of up to 18 people, a party bus can accommodate up to 32 passengers comfortably. Party buses radiate a fun atmosphere for recreational activities for a larger group of peers.

Fun Things to do in a party bus –

You can plan these fun party bus activities to liven things up a bit-

Karaoke – Divide yourselves into groups, with each group performing on pre-selected songs. Assign someone to judge the group which outshines.

Charade – Charades never get old and are a reliable entertainment game for all occasions. Write down random things or any movie name, and take turns acting them out while you are on your way to the prom venue. You can also make the game more fun and enjoyable by giving prizes when you arrive at the event.

Telephone: This is another fun game to conduct when riding on a party bus. The person sitting in the front will whisper a word or short sentence to the person next in line and the person sitting last. This can become fun when you hear how quickly the message tuns around.

Bottom Line

Your prom experience greatly matters. Although you have the option of renting a limo for your prom transportation, when it comes to genuine luxury and fun-filled transit, there are always Philly Limo Rentals.

If you need a reliable bus tour company that can ensure your safety and comfort, call us today!