Hottest Amenities of Party Bus South Jersey

Do you have an upcoming special event to attend? Philly Limo Rental is one of the premier party bus transportation service providers in New Jersey. We aim to match every party animal’s need with our luxurious South Jersey party bus fleets for a superb travel experience.

Whether you want an excellent fleet for your birthday celebration or any other special occasion, let our party bus South Jersey do the trick for you. We provide reliable and elegant luxury party bus transportation services in the areas of Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. No matter how big or small your group is, our party bus fleet can accommodate every group type and size.

We do not just offer transportation, but the most fun and amazing experience you could possibly have on your way to and from your destination along with taking care of your SAFETY. We are always committed to a pleasant, memorable, and joyful party bus experience. All our vehicles are also cleaned and well-maintained to operate at peak efficiency.


If you have decided to party in style with your friends or family, you will need a vehicle that best fits your party needs. Our party bus in South Jersey provides a whole new level of excitement and endless fun for passengers of all ages. We provide added space and amenities which makes us stand out from others and which are highly considered when it comes to big parties.

We provide a plethora of amenities combined with extreme style and comfort. Check out many of the hottest amenities you may find on a South Jersey party bus.

Lighting System

Lighting can bring a huge difference when it comes to creating a party-like atmosphere on a moving bus. Vibrant disco balls, strobes, and lasers all add a different kind of appeal to the entire setting. Many buses have dim and dark lights as well, to suit those who want to relax in a laid-back style and enjoy their music and drinks.

Sound System

Party buses have a digital sound system with a 3D surround to complement the atmosphere. You can either bring your own playlist in a plug-in device or choose to play their collection of albums. Whatever might be your choice, the sound system must be well-equipped to get everyone dancing.

CD/DVD Player

You may also carry with you a CD/DVD of your favorite bands. This is where you can use the CD player in the party bus to satisfy different preferences. You can get your party in full swing while dancing to your favorite tunes.

Loaded with loads of amenities, the party bus in South Jersey offers a great value for the level of luxury and entertainment it has got to offer. With so many luxury features at your disposal, you will have a fun time on board, whether it’s a hen party, birthday, bachelorette, graduation night, marriage anniversary, or any special occasion.

For your next special event, hire our party bus in South Jersey to make the best use of all the amenities and celebrations worth remembering for a very long time.