Do You Want To Drink In A Party Bus? Here Are The Best Drinks You Can Have In A Party Bus!

One of the main reasons that people rent a party bus is that they can drink while traveling. You’re not the one driving, after all! But what should you bring with you? A party bus, although roomy, is not as big as a home. So you have to be a bit more careful about the best drinks to bring. Make sure you consider everything you bring with you.

Best Drinks for a Party Bus Trip

There is no such “best drink” to be served or shared in a party bus! But the most popular beverage choice is beer. However, it depends on what you are celebrating. If you’re throwing an event or a party, then beer is the way to go. Going on a winery tour? Well, maybe bring some wine! Let’s see the three best drinks to bring on a party bus in South Jersey:


As we said before, beer is the top drink of choice on a party bus. Since you’ll be drinking for hours, you don’t want to get too drunk too early in the trip. Who wants to pass out when they’ve just spent a lot of money on a party bus? Plus, beer works for almost any occasion. Beer is king and it is the most preferred from brewery tours to a casual night out in the city!


One of the best destinations for party bus groups is a winery or bars or clubs. Winery tours, corporate tours, and bachelorette parties are becoming more and more common in South Jersey. If you’re planning such a tour, you’re going to want to stick with drinking wine between drives. Well, mixing any kind of alcohol that is not wine with wine is a recipe for a headache! Don’t complicate things and add some wine to your party bus!


For a bachelor party, whiskey may be the liquor of choice. But vodka seems to be the most widely drunk liquor among the masses. Rum is too sweet. Gin is too spicy. The whiskey is too strong. But Vodka is just right for easy drinking. It can be risky, as easy drinking usually means quickly consumed. So drink carefully, and everyone will have a good time!

What Should You Prepare?

Remember, it is illegal for a party bus company to give you any liquor unless they have a liquor license, which most party bus companies do not have. So the first thing you should prepare is your ice chest.

Generally speaking, you should bring one ice chest for every four guests. Try to keep the liquor you’re bringing in their distinctive ice chests.

Cups are one item that people frequently overlook! People always forget glasses, but they never forget the alcohol or the ice. They never forget the beverage or the ice, but people always forget cups. So be sure to get some red solo cups or some plastic wine glasses for your alcohol. Another good tip? Bring an extra ice chest full of bottled water. If you’re going to be drinking for hours, you need to stay hydrated!

How Can Philly Limo Rentals Help?

We cannot provide any alcohol for you! But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you out! After all, we are providing a mode of luxury transportation for your group. What we can do is offer you our expertise, which includes suggestions on how to have a good time. Those suggestions can be shared upon booking with us.

When you book our party bus in South Jersey, you will get access to an ice chest with bottled water on all of our buses so all you have to worry about is the liquor and food. You can even drop off your beverage and food the day before a drive. So we can have it ready for you when we pick you up! We know party planning can be stressful. Our job is to make that process as easy as possible so you can enjoy your trip. Contact us today to book your party bus and get your drink on!