A Simple Guide to Hiring a Shuttle Bus Rental Service in Philadelphia

Most event planners organize share rides for groups or book plane tickets to transport their groups. It is easier for people to travel or move to any place or event venues together. There will be no chance that any one of them will arrive late, get lost, lose their luggage, and more. We are the professional shuttle bus rental service provider, and we assure you & your group will travel together! It will undoubtedly create a win-win situation for your selection or scheduling the group outing.

Traveling safely and efficiently is the essence of every journey if you are new to a state. Hiring our shuttle bus rental service is a wise alternative, especially in sprawling cities like Philadelphia or New Jersey. Now the question that might come to your mind about renting a shuttle bus for your group quickly? Let’s put together a simple guide to hire a shuttle bus rental service below.

What is a shuttle bus?

A shuttle bus is also called a big motor coach used for groups, organizations, or business travel. Instead of traveling along with a set of cars or routes, hire our shuttle bus rental service to move your group directly to your intended destination.

What does a shuttle bus look like?

On the outside, you’ll see the shuttle bus has large, panoramic windows, which allow natural lighting during the day. You will find push seats for passengers throughout the coach. Our shuttle buses have overhead bins to keep personal belongings secure and out of the way during your ride. Often, the party bus company’s logo is painted on the side of the bus. As a whole, it will look marvelous and fit best irrespective of the occasion.

Who can hire shuttle buses?

Wedding, sports teams, corporates & businesses, organizations, and more can rent our shuttle buses to transport their groups to and from the destinations of the prescribed itineraries.

How many seats do the shuttle buses have?

Shuttle buses are entertaining buses and are operated by a professional driver. We have a wide range of shuttle buses that come in various sizes and have different seating capacities & uses. It can have anywhere from 35 to 60 seats, depending on the manufacturer and model. For a more compact vehicle, you can consider hiring our minibus, which can easily accommodate 16 to 20 passengers. It is perfect for shuttling groups around town for weddings, festivals, tours, and more.

What amenities will you get in a shuttle bus?

Nearly most shuttle buses are outfitted with Cushioned seats, Air conditioning, A compact bathroom, TV monitors, DVD player, LED lighting, WiFi& electrical outlets, plenty of floor space, and much more. We have different shuttle buses that may vary in amenity options based on their make and model.

Who will drive the shuttle bus?

We have expert bus drivers take charge of your group’s safety! Don’t worry! We have a shuttle bus rental service in Philadelphia that will provide you with a safe, professional chauffeur. All our team is skilled, experienced & licensed chauffeurs in the industry. So, it is always wise to call our shuttle bus rental service in Philadelphia that are backed by excellent driverswith good reputation.

Can the guests bring food and drinks?

Food drinks & beverages are allowed on most charter buses, but it’s best to verify your bus company before your trip! We allow outside food, drinks & beverages on the bus, but you should be careful about the fellow travelers that leave the place smelly or messy. If your group goes behind spills or trash on the bus without adequately cleaning them up, you may be liable to pay for the cleaning service. Most of our shuttle buses come equipped with a wastebasket at the front of the bus. However, you can bring empty trash bags with you in case there is not trash collector.

Which shuttle bus company should you hire?

You can choose the best shuttle bus rental service based on location, reputation, and availability. Look for a charter bus company located as close to your pickup location as possible to save money. If you choose a shuttle bus rental service beyond the Philadelphia or New Jersey city limit, then you’ll have to pay more. At Philly Limo Rentals, we can provide you with exceptional shuttle bus rental services without the extra costs in many cases. We can help you quickly find a clean, up-to-date bus for your group trip. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions before signing the contract. We are available 24/7, so reach out to us at +1-215-710-0705 today!