Wedding Limo Philadelphia: Spicing up the Process of a Holy Matrimony

Before the actual date of your wedding sets in, a lot of planning should have been in place. One of the areas that intending couples usually find faltering on their wedding day is a failing transport service. The reason is that couples usually rely on friends or family members to serve as makeshift drivers for that day. However, the makeshift driver may be absent, due to some uncertain reasons. In order to avert such possible predicaments, you can turn your attention to wedding limo in Philadelphia.

Wedding Limo

Interestingly, there are several beneficial offers that come with hiring a wedding limo in Philadelphia. Here are some of the offers which can help you in making the hiring of wedding limo Philadelphia a priority.

  1. VIP treatment

Arriving at your wedding ceremony with a limo is one of the most fulfilling desires of intending couples. The reason is that you get a special treatment from expert chauffeurs. For all your road trips, you rest assured of getting to your destination without stress. This way, you have become the most important client of your wedding day. As a matter of fact, the expert chauffeurs are ready to treat you as one.

  1. Choicest rides

Not all limo services give clients the opportunity to choose the kind of rides they want for their occasion. However, the wedding limo Philadelphia service gives you an opportunity to choose the ride you want for your wedding. Interestingly, the choice of your hired ride may match your wedding theme, making your transportation arrangement appear perfect.

  1. Early arrival

Couples can become frustrated when they are unable to get to their destinations on time. The fact is that there are no available plans that can help couples get to their destinations easily. The wedding limo Philadelphia service knows that couples may get worked up while preparing for a wedding ceremony. Since you won’t want to be behind the schedules at your own wedding, it is important to plan your arrivals accurately. A good transportation service such as the wedding party bus Philadelphia can help intending couples plan their movements during their wedding.

Wedding Limo Philadelphia

On a final note, you can make your forthcoming wedding the talk of the town by hiring a limo service. All you have to do is to put a call through today, discussing your transport plan with a celebration a success with a smooth transportation.

Limo Service In Philadelphia-An Ideal Way To Celebrate Birthday

Everyone young or old wants something surprising on their birthday. Is it that you are trying to find a way to surprise your kids, wife, parents or even your girlfriend in the upcoming birthday of theirs? We at Philly Limo Rentals have an idea which will make one totally surprised. Yes, it is to have our Limo Service In Philadelphia.

Birthday Limousine

As you know we are a well-known limo company in Philadelphia providing a specialized array of exotic limousines and comfy party buses for customers across the Philadelphia areas. Any other limo services in Philadelphia can provide you with transportation, but there are several aspects that set Philly Limo Rentals different from other limousine services for offering such a surprise. Let us have a look at some of those.

The Reasons To Plan The Birthday Having Our Limo Service In Philadelphia

There are obviously many reasons for such hiring on the birthday of your beloved one. We are discussing some of those which will definitely surprise them.

Luxury Pary Bus

Arrive in style: You cannot feel the excitement and pleasure that you will notice in the face of your beloved when they see a limo coming to pick them up for the party. They will be feeling like the star of the show and you will be proudly standing by the side of the limo showing them the way. We strive to provide personalized and seamless traveling experiences for all your transportation expectations through our Limo Service In Philadelphia.

Convenient luxury: Having such a limo from us you can almost have your entire party group picked up and settled comfortably in a single vehicle. Our well-Maintained Limousines with uniformed chauffeurs will them be taking you all to the favorite restaurant of your beloved for the dinner and then carry you in style to say a nightclub for the rest of the night. Choose from any our limos and enjoy the birthday in a new stylish and luxurious passion that you have never done yet.

All have the same space to enjoy: Thinking that your own vehicle would be ideal than our limos. Have you thought of the one who drives the car? That person would be in the group but would not have time to enjoy as constant vigil would be required for the safety of the other party members.

Party Bus

Instead, if you have our Party limo service in Philadelphia then the scenario is completely different. Our uniformed chauffeurs would be driving you with safety to your destination when you all have the opportunity to enjoy.

Furthermore, you may be thinking about the cost. When you compare the smile, excitement, surprise and the thanks from your beloved you would definitely find our rates cheaper.

So, having just some planning we can make the birthday celebration to be remembered.

Top 3 Stripper-Free Bachelor Party Options in Philadelphia

Bachelor parties in Philadelphia don’t have to be all about strip clubs & sleazy dives. For the groom-to-be who simply wishes to have some fun time with his buddies, there’re loads of stripper-free alternatives in the Philadelphia region. Hire our bachelor party bus in Philadelphia to check out some of the best bars & clubs the city has to offer.

bechlorette Party Bus

Ashton Cigar Bar:

Nothing like a toast & perhaps a smoke to the groom! Situated in Rittenhouse Square, Ashton Cigar Bar is a premier cigar shop & bar that boasts over 200 cigars & 330 kinds of whiskeys. The staff available here are also quite friendly to help all guests of the bachelor bash weed through the extensive list of cigars & whiskeys. The bar also features an all-glass walk-in humidor & a range of limited edition vintage whiskeys, and also a widespread cocktail menu to have a classy spin on a typical boys’ night out.


Barcade is certainly worth a stop for any beer lover’s bachelor bash. With a widespread menu of exclusive beers, such as Troegs Sunshine Pils & Do Good Kenzo Stout, this beer bar combines classic video games & American craft beer, so it is a win-win for anybody who grew up in the early days of arcade games. Old school video games such as Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Double Dragon and Tetris create the ideal backdrop for an exceptional bachelor party.

Field House:

At 12,000 square feet, Field House is massive! And it houses 30 dozens of HDTVs and a remarkable variety of over forty local draughts fermented inside a 100-mile radius. The bar & bear garden features a prominent Center City location inside the Philadelphia Convention Center & connected to the Downtown Marriot where it close to 30th St. Station. Not only a regular sports bar, Field House is also the ideal place for any sports-loving guy to rejoice his last night of freedom enclosed by close buddies and a favorite MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA game.

  Party Bus

Your bachelor party needs VIP transportation, and here at Philly Limo Rentals, we have the perfect party bus for your special night celebration. Our chauffeurs know all the best places in Philadelphia to eat and drink, so all you and your friends need to do is sit back and let the professional driver drive you to some of the prominent party places the city has to offer. To rent a Party Bus in Philadelphia from Philly Limo Rentals, feel free to call us at +1.215.710.0705.

The Safe And Comfortable Way To Enjoy Philadelphia

Are you looking for the best transportation means during your wedding, prom night or bachelor party? If you are then you are the right place. We at Philly Limo Rentals make possible having such transportation means which are safe and comfortable through our Shuttle Bus Rental In Philadelphia.

Why we stand apart

Yes, it is for sure if you search then you will be able to locate many such organizations in Philadelphia who will be promising to offer such services. We, stand apart from such organizations while offering our Escalade Limo In Philadelphia. Let us have a look at some of those aspects which makes us different from others.

We are the one who not only promise but ensures that you get 100% satisfaction when you select from our excellent fleet of Hummer Limo In Philadelphia. Our fleets are well maintained and driven by professional drivers who will ensure a safe and comfortable journey when you desire to enjoy Philadelphia best. You need not worry about the weather when you intend to visit Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin Parkway or have a bite at the roasted pork sandwich at Reading Terminal Market as our fleets of vehicles are all air-conditioned to offer you a comfortable journey.

Our chauffeurs who will be driving the bus or the limo that you hire from us are all experienced and professional so that it is ensured that you have a safe and satisfying journey. They have the best of knowledge about the city traffic condition and will drive you to your destination in the shortest possible time. Last but not the least the rate at which you can have Minibus Rental In Philadelphia from us cannot be matched by any other transportation organization in the city.

The Access To Various Amenities

The buses that we offer will have amazing features so that your journey becomes one that you will cherish years after being in Philadelphia. You will be having large screen LED TV, club lighting, fog machines, excellent sound systems, CD and DVD player, superb air- conditioning, private restroom and many more other modern amenities to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

The Packages That You Can Choose

We have made available various packages which you can choose from when having Shuttle Bus Rental In Philadelphia from us. You can easily choose depending upon the size of your group and the budget that you have. You can customize your right transportation package to satisfy your desired needs. If you want to build an unforgettable impression on somebody, then there is no better way than hiring our casino limo and party bus services.

All our satisfied customers would love to share the memorable experience that they had with us. If you also wish to share such an experience having our Minibus Rental In Philadelphia then you just need to give us a call at 215.710.0705.

Welcome to Philadelphia Wine Tour!

Wine tours are for enjoying, tasting or drinking world-class wine, but not driving! Are you looking for a Wine tour in Philadelphia? Do you want to enjoy a wine tour through the vines and oak-studded hills with a Party Bus Service in Philadelphia? Have fun and stay safe with a professional wine tour limo service in the vineyards and wineries in Philadelphia.

In fact, wineries in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania as a whole are assembling steady growth in quality, quantity, and recognition and produces more than one million gallons of wine per year. On this trail, we will take the wine-enthusiasts for visiting some of the appreciated wineries and vineyards Philadelphia has to offer. Hope you’re thirsty!

Our wine tours Limo services have become one of the most popular activities in Philadelphia. We maintain our limousines that driven by professionally experienced chauffeurs for offering a comfortable Party Bus Service in Philadelphia. We care about you transportation while you focus all of your attention on your wine taste or enticing your taste buds with a wide variety of exquisite local wines. We can also customize your Wine tour in Philadelphia depend upon your preference.

Do you wish to travel with a large group? Our fleet of luxury Wine tour Limo is the finest way to get to local wineries and vineyards that are within the driving distance from Philadelphia. Our executive coaches can fit 3 to 32 passengers a great way for groups to experience the ultimate wine tour in Philadelphia. Have some pleasurable wine tour experience with all of your friends while hiring a Party Bus Service in Philadelphia.

We offer amazing wine tours limo service in Philadelphia and can be an opportunity for you that give you life-long memories of fantastic wine experiences. We know all of the wineries personally assuring a wonderful tour that will fulfill all your wine tasting requirements! We also know the main wine trails that offer a more comprehensive approach to personalizing your wine tasting experience!

Allow our professional chauffeurs to lodge you and your guests with a touch of sophistication for the best featured Party Bus Service in Philadelphia! We also provide special driver you may call for, who comes to offer the best effort at your doorstep and drives you for your special wine tour. Our extraordinary Wine tour Limo service allows you to sit back in the lavishness and enjoy the ride and get the pleasure of the wine taste in the finest comfort and security.

With geography, climate and growing conditions, Pennsylvania in Philadelphia continue to emerge as a key force in America’s wine industry. It is a home to over 35 wineries producing outstanding vintages valued by wine specialist and fashionable restaurants. It also offers an endless variety of wineries to choose from for your wine tasting with a Wine tour Limo service in Philadelphia. To name a few are like Black Walnut Winery, Borderland Vineyard, Flickerwood Wine Cellars, Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery, Kreutz Creek Vineyards and more. These vineyards are producing several types of wine concentrated on several blends exclusively from grapes grown locally and in its own vineyards.


Philly Limo Rentals offer the finest Party Bus Service and Wine tour Limo service in Philadelphia. We will pick up and your group in our Party Bus Service and transport you to the splendid wineries, wine tasting and romantic restaurants located in and around Philadelphia. No one is better qualified to lead you on this tour than our expert chauffeured Party Bus Service. Call us on +1.215.710.0705 for a great Wine tour limo service within your budget today!

Plan To Enjoy Your Party Uniquely!

Wow! So you are planning for your party? You must have planned it before! If you are the people those are planning for any party with an unusual way, I have an solid idea which will definitely fill you with excitement and your party will be memorable forever. It is true that, you can easily get swanky nightclubs around the city. They are cool, but you can’t get the eminent excitement you have planned before. Have you ever planned to celebrate your party in a party bus? Party animals will truly appreciate with this amazing idea. A party bus will simply amplify your enjoyment that you have been searching for a long time.

Enjoy your party with the utmost style!

While you are in Philadelphia, you have a number of options for partying, but why don’t you go to make it unusual? These party buses are designed to elevate the excitement and it will be a wow factor while you are enjoying the nightlife with your besties. Surely this idea is new for many and they can’t certainly oppose this idea without enjoying it.

Party bus service in Philadelphia is such kind of service that will exhaust all your excitement with the moment while you are roaming around the city with your friends. There are not much preparation available while you are at these busses because, these are studded with all facilities those are known for fueling the party hard. You have a lot of options to enjoy this party within these buses without splitting the tiny cabs and paying the crazy bill. No matter, whether you have a birthday party or you are enjoying your marriage anniversary, all these things get buttered with these excellently designed party buses.

While you are in Philadelphia, you must have some iconic place which you love to visit often and you’ll be overloaded with the excitement while coming to those places in your party bus. Surely this is a cheering moment for you. Not only parties, but also different festivals like music festivals or Boardy Barn will be exclusively enjoyable when you are with your party bus. They will cater the utmost form of excitement which you may not think before. Needless to mention, boarding on these party buses will instantly make your parties memorable that elevates the spirit of the party and you will easily gather plenty of excitement which will fuel you for a long time. So plan today and head towards the fun!

How To Rent Your Bachelor Party Bus In Philadelphia? 3 Things To Consider

A bachelor party can produce a lot of fun if planned properly and well in advance. This is the time a man needs to feel as special as the woman does. Now he got the right to enjoy his last night of freedom and be pampered. Gone are the days when only women felt the need to feel and be special on their wedding, it’s the man’s turn now

However, no bachelor party is complete without a good transportation service. If you are looking to make your last night of freedom special, then consider hiring a bachelor party bus in Philadelphia with the following points in mind.

Be sure about the seating capacity of the vehicle:

Remember that party buses available in different models and sizes. Some can accommodate 15-20 people, whereas others tend to be large in size and can accommodate up to 50 passengers. So, be sure what seating capacity your party bus offers.

While considering a party bus rental for your bachelor party, you should always think about getting more space than the actual number of travelers. If you’ve invited 10 guests, rent a bus that can comfortably accommodate 20 guests. At the same time if you have invited 40 people, then consider hiring a bus with a seating capacity of 50 commuters. By doing so you are actually allowing your guests to not feel cramped inside the bus.

Inform regarding the event beforehand:

The party bus rental firm should be informed regarding the event in well advance. Some firms specialize in bachelor parties & can prepare decorations beforehand. You also need to inform the service provider regarding the number of guests that’ll be riding & the number of hours that you anticipate to ride in the bus. Also, ensure that you reserve at least one hour longer than is needed for a great bachelor party. Provide enough time for your guests to return from the party without making them feel hurried.

Make a checklist:

Don’t forget to make a checklist in well advance. Start creating a checklist of everything that you’ll require for the celebration. The checklist will make sure that everything is prepared for the guests to have a blast inside the vehicle. You simply don’t wish to overlook that playlist that you’ve meticulously made for the special night.

Hire bachelor party bus service in Philadelphia from Philly Limo Rentals, and rest assured that you are going to have the best party transportation of your life. We have the largest and most diverse selection of party buses for almost any event including your bachelor party in Philadelphia. Call us at +1.215.710.0705 to book your Party Bus Philadelphia in advance.

Five Best Reasons to Book Party Bus Service in Philadelphia

If you are gearing up to celebrate a special event in Philadelphia, the largest city of Pennsylvania and looking for a fun packed transfer for many people, then nothing can be effective like the prom limo service in Philadelphia. It includes a number of top line vehicles furnished with fascinating interiors to serve the party goers. You can also have the advantage of professional chauffeur drive, GPS tracking facility and best insurance coverage for passenger safety in party bus service in Philadelphia.

There are numerous reasons to book a party bus in Philadelphia city. No matter it is a night out, wedding or any other occasion, a party bus is the best option to ensure a luxury transfer for your group. The party bus service in Philadelphia covers sweet 16 party transfer, casino party bus transfer, wine tour party bus transfer, tailgating party bus transfer, concert party bus transfer and many more. With the most modern fleets, it allows you and your group to enjoy partying on wheels. Going to a nightclub or a party venue or enjoy drinking and dancing with your friends on the bus, it’s up to you. All you can think of is booking a party bus service in Philadelphia and enjoy the best.

Party Buses can be selected in different sizes and designs when it comes to taking your group to the Capital Grille, the Bistro Romano, the Gianni’s Event Venue and other top party destinations in Philadelphia. Below are mentioned five of the best reasons why the party bus service in Philadelphia is perfect for a party ride.

1.Minimizes travel expenses

When there is a large group going to any specific event in the city in separate vehicles, the fuel, parking and toll charges can add to the transportation cost. If you book a party bus service in Philadelphia, your entire group can sit together, enjoying more comfort and luxury at the reduced travel expenses.

2.Makes group transfers a hassle-free experience

Planning out the details of your group ride to an event in Philadelphia is a lot easier when all of you can meet and board at a particular location. There will be no concern if everybody is heading in the right directions to the venue, or that sufficient parking space will be available once all of you reach there.

3.Safety is taken care of

Booking a party bus service in Philadelphia for an event such as tailgating, wine tour, sweet 16 party makes sure that no matter how long you party out or how much fun you have together, everyone will safely ride back to home.

4.Perfect for all types of events

There are so many occasions to plan a group ride for. From bachelor party to corporate events and concerts, tailgating, or casino tour, booking a party bus service in Philadelphia keeps the fun on even when you ride to/from the venue. It allows you to enjoy the party together irrespective of snow, shine or rain.

5.It’s far more entertaining!

With luxury amenities like led light, music system etc., the party bus service in Philadelphia, makes your party ride full of fun. You will no more feel bored; face the hassle of traffic on the road or the safety risk when driving back to home after a long day of drink and dance. Booking party bus service allows you to entertain yourself uninterruptedly while the professional chauffeurs drive you safely and comfortably to/from the event.

Whatever may be the cause for scheduling a group transfer you can taste the best in class party bus service in Philadelphia of Philly Limo Rentals at an affordable budget. We have a great selection of party buses available to fit into your individual occasion and needs with loads of fun. To book the most amazing party bus service in Philadelphia, give us a call on +1.215.710.0705.

Top Wineries to Explore By Booking a Wine Tour Limo in Philadelphia

Do you want to savor every last sip of wine without worrying about the driving and navigating on a wine tour in Philadelphia? Then make sure to book wine tour limo in Philadelphia that will increase your entertainment and ensure a luxurious transportation. The surrounding of Philadelphia area offers some of the most vibrant wineries that are within the driving distance. With a luxury limo service in Philadelphia, you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy a picturesque road of a wonderful wine tour with your friends.

Let us explore the top wineries that you will love to explore on a wine tour by booking a professional limo service in Philadelphia:

1.Cardinal Hollow Winery:


Located 30 minutes drive from Philadelphia

This place will eliminate your stereotypes thinking that all wine is made of grapes. At the Cardinal Hollow Winery, the folks produce grape-less wine with pumpkins, mangoes, jalapenos and dandelions. The main winery and Lahaska are open for enjoying wine tasting and sales for 7 days a week. For group under 6 people no appointment is needed. They are also serving beer, liquor and wine at the West Point Winery and Lahaska Tasting Room. Do not forget to taste their newly released wine with 100% pomegranate goodness.

2.Penns Woods Winery:


Located 35 minutes drive from Philadelphia

This winery offers cheese and honey pairings and also provides the perfect grounds for enjoying a picnic. At the Penns Woods Winery, you can enjoy hand picked wines by the winemakers. They produce award-winning wines (from Pennsylvania-grown grapes) that are found in restaurants throughout Philadelphia. You will love to explore this place by booking a wine tour limo in Philadelphia.

3.Crossing Vineyards and Winery:


Located 41 minutes drive from Philadelphia

This place may look like an average winery but it gives you the opportunity to enjoy wine and spirits (A Tarot Car Reading and Wine Tasting). This is a 200 year old estate where you can enjoy your favorite activity to learn about wine and have fun, buy wine and have the utmost fun with your group of friends.

4.Stone and Key Cellars:


Located 42 minutes drive from Philadelphia

This is a state-of-the-art commercial winery where you get to create your own wine. The Stone and Key Cellars offers the best grapes from renowned growing areas like California, Northern Italy and Washington and provides great wine making opportunities from its vast selection of wine kits. From crushing the grapes, bottling to designing a custom label, you will love to make your own wine at the Stone and Key Cellars. Here you can also take up a daily tour and taste the wine for free.

Do you want to enjoy a memorable wine tour and conveniently explore the wineries around Philadelphia? Then make sure to rely on Philly Limo Rentals to book a customized and affordable limo service in Philadelphia. We are the industry leaders in providing luxury limo service in Philadelphia.

For booking an elegant limo in Philadelphia for your wine tour, contact us today at +1.215.710.0705!

Why is a Limo Service in Philadelphia Important for your Special Occasions?

Do you know hiring a Party limo service in Philadelphia can spice up any special occasion? Whether it is your wedding, prom night, birthday or anniversary, hiring a luxury limo service will ensure a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable chauffeured transportation. People who dream of enjoying a stylish and luxurious transportation on their special occasion can consider hiring a limousine service to make their big day unique and memorable. It can be said that a limo service provides a great combination of sophistication, class, and elegance that will leave you mesmerized.

Want to learn about the perks that you will get by hiring a professional limo service for your any special occasion! Here are some interesting perks that justify hiring a luxury limo service in Philadelphia for your special occasion, please have a look!

  1. Private Space:

One of the major benefits of hiring a chauffeured limo service is getting a private space. By hiring a limo service, you can enjoy the most suitable mode of transportation that ensures an optimum level of privacy. This helps you to have the utmost fun and enjoy a relaxing transportation solution for your wedding, birthday, prom night or anniversary in Philadelphia, which will enhance your travel experience.

  1. Punctuality:

A chauffeured limousine service is known for its timeliness. Whether it is your wedding or prom night, you can simply relax and enjoy a comfortable chauffeured transportation by hiring a professional limo service. With a reputable limo service provider, you will get a timely transportation solution that will give a peace of mind.

  1. Stylish and Impressive Transfer Solution:

Limousine is a head turner that arrests the eye movement of every onlooker. You would love to hire a limo service for your wedding, prom night, birthday or anniversary for enjoying an impressive ride to reach the event venue in Philadelphia. A classy limousine ride will add an extra touch of elegance and extravagance to your special occasion.

4.The Comfort of High-End Amenities:

By hiring a limo service, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the comfort of high-end amenities like plush and comfortable seating, advanced entertainment options, surround sound systems, mood-setting lighting, wonderful interior decor setting and more. This will enhance your travel experience and help you to reach the event venue in a relaxed and comfortable way. Booking a luxury limousine that is fully equipped with advanced amenities will ensure comfort on the move.

  1. High Level of Safety:

If you hire a limo service from a reputable private luxury transportation service provider in Philadelphia, then it assures of providing a safe transportation solution. Whether it is a prom night or wedding in Philadelphia, a chauffeured driven luxury limo transportation will ensure a high level of safety. Having an experienced and well-trained chauffeur behind the wheels, you will get an opportunity to enjoy a safe and smooth transportation without worrying about the jam-packed roads or traffic.

A professional limo service in Philadelphia is considered as the perfect blend of comfort and luxury that one can enjoy by relying on a reputable service provider- Philly Limo Rentals. As the specialist in private luxury transportation service provider in Philadelphia, we take the pride of providing a superior quality limo service for your every special occasion like weddings, prom nights, bachelor parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Our aim is to provide you luxury transportation in a cost-effective and comfortable way.

For booking an elegant limousine for your special occasion in Philadelphia, please contact us today at +1.215.710.0705!